Carpet disposal


Carpet disposal is an essential service

If you're ready for new floors to replace your carpeting, carpet disposal will come up. Once your old flooring comes up, it has to go somewhere. And it can be essential to have a plan in place before diving into your remodel.

The good news is that removal and disposal are services we proudly offer our customers. And the more you know about it, the better you can plan as we move forward. Of course, we're happy to answer questions if you have questions.

The steps involved with carpet removal

Detaching the flooring from the carpet strips is the first step. Next, we will cut the flooring into more manageable strips for carpet removal. Once the primary flooring is gone, we can use the carpet padding next. Since the materials are generally very bulky and heavy, it's best to use professionals. It ensures your and your family's complete safety and more. And we can dispose of or recycle the products as necessary, depending on the options.



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Here's how you can prepare for old flooring removal

The first obvious step is to remove everything in the room that sits on the floor for complete carpet removal. Consider the spaces where technicians will enter and leave the room. The easier it is for them to maneuver, the faster the flooring removal will go. If you have unique circumstances, speak with us before the service. We'll work with you to create the easiest experience possible. And we can answer all your questions ahead of time too.

Preparing the subfloor

Once the old flooring is gone, preparing the subfloor is next. This could include repairs and renovation, depending on the subfloor's condition. And we'll discuss carpet recycling options before moving forward.  If the subfloor is in good repair, we can immediately proceed with the installation. We'll give you an estimate of how long the process will take. You may even be able to leave your home while the service is going on.
Carpet disposal in Oviedo, FL & Central Florida from Liberty Floors FL

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Liberty Floors FL offers a one-stop flooring shop, no matter what you need. We'll discuss all your needs and options as you shop for the perfect flooring. And we'll plan all the services before we ever start your remodel.

We offer carpet disposal options at our showrooms in Longwood and Oviedo, FL. If you live in Oviedo, FL, Winter Springs, FL, Winter Park, FL, Orlando, FL, or Lake Mary, FL, we're here for you. Stop by today to get started.