Enjoy a long lifespan with natural stone flooring

An extensive lifespan is only one of the many benefits natural stone flooring offers. There are stunning visuals at your disposal as well for any decor scheme. And you'll enjoy some of the best durability in the flooring industry with suitable options.

If you've never experienced these floors before, this is a great time to find out if they'll work for you. Consider all the benefits that could work best for you and your household. This could be your best choice in every room.

The beauty of a natural stone is undeniable

Few floor coverings carry the elegance and appeal that comes with these materials. You'll love everything about marble flooring and other styles for their texture, color, and format. And you'll see they can add elegance and class wherever installed.

Natural stone flooring works well in various settings, from rustic to high-end contemporary. And they add timelessness that never goes out of style. When you see them in person, you'll experience the ambiance that comes with this product line.

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Durability is a great benefit for busy households

Some stone requires sealing and resealing from time to time. But with suitable options, these floors can offer extensive protection. Even in areas with the highest levels of traffic, travertine tiles and others remain steadfast.

Stain, scratch, and chip resistance are just some fantastic benefits you'll enjoy. And they're easy to clean for added lifespan opportunities. Be sure to ask your associate about the most durable options for intense durability.

The installation process is important

The installation process will vary based on the materials and options you choose. For example, some options, such as tile and planks, are faster to install than slabs or large pieces. But grouting and intricate craftsmanship and fabrication can take longer.

Once you choose your materials, options, and services, we'll estimate the natural stone flooring installation time. You can ask questions at any time to ensure your complete understanding. And we'll work with you toward fantastic results.
Natural stone in Oviedo, FL from Liberty Floors FL

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