Subfloor repair


Subfloor repair could be necessary before remodeling

If you need subfloor repair, you should know you have several options. This service can range from fixing a squeaky floorboard to renovating water or fire damage. These are the necessary steps you'll need to take before remodeling your floors. The good news is that professional services take care of this for you. It can be tempting to skip it, especially in small problem areas. But tackling the problem right away is always the best answer over time.

The work of a subfloor

Your subfloor works hard for you and your household in every single room. Replacing subfloor materials can protect your floors in many ways, including acting as a barrier to outside elements. In addition, it works to improve installation time with a smooth, easy process. Subfloors also support everything above. This includes the flooring, furniture, and footfall, especially in a busy household. However, damaged subflooring can be an issue, so long-term solutions are your best choice.



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What do you do for subfloor problems?

If you notice issues that could be a symptom of subfloor issues, we're here to help. Squeaking, sagging, and uneven floors indicate an underlying problem. We can assess the situation with squeaky floor repair and more.

If we're in the process of installation, we'll let you know if problems arise. From that point, we can decide together what course of action you'd like to take. And we'll pull from our years of industry expertise for all the best solutions.

What is the extent of your subfloor issues?

It's always best to choose professional service when dealing with subfloor issues. Unless you have experience, you may not know the extent of the problem or what course of action to take. Professionals can dig deeper to discover more about the issue and subfloor repair. Sometimes, the issue can come back if the cause isn't corrected. This can include extensive situations, which we will discuss in person. So, be sure to share any knowledge you have of the issue.
Subfloor repair in Oviedo, FL & Central Florida from Liberty Floors FL

Choose us for your subfloor repair

At Liberty Floors FL, we care about your flooring as much as you do. And we'll work with you to create the best results for any situation or need. You can speak with a flooring professional who will help you get the heart of the matter with ease.

You can learn more about subfloor repair at our showroom in Longwood or Oviedo, FL. We cater to communities like Oviedo, FL, Winter Springs, FL, Winter Park, FL, Orlando, FL, and Lake Mary, FL. And we look forward to working with you too.